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 Diversity students happy confident and smiling successful


I used to think that being a teacher was the best thing in the world.

That was before I became a tutor. 

It is a privilege to join my students on their Maths learning journeys and see how:

Obstacles are Overcome,   Confidence is Boosted   and   Success is Achieved.

The icing on the cake is when I receive messages from parents about how my tutoring has:

Taken Away Stress,   Brought Back Confident Smiles,   With New Enthusiasms for Learning.

The cherry on top of the icing is when my students send me excited messages about:

Feeling a Lot Happier,   Moving into a Higher Set   or  Getting Great Test Scores Back.

Here are a selection of those messages.

young person feeling happy and confident with success. beating a maths phobia

From the Parent of a Year 9 Student ...

We are extremely pleased with my daughter's progress since she started with Viv. Going into Y9 she had taken a

Massive Nosedive, Lost all her Maths Confidence

and was Struggling to Keep Up with the Fast Moving Curriculum.

She had always been quite competent at Maths, and set in the top half of the year, but was getting very low scores and had developed a Maths Phobia.
Viv has helped her turn this completely around.

Viv has a lovely calming personality, she is extremely positive, caring and great company. They cover so much in an hour and the homework helps to reinforce what they have covered in the lesson.

The lesson is entirely tailored to my daughter, and Viv is always happy to help her with school homework or what they are doing in class.

She did some great revision sessions before the tests, which not only helped my daughter enormously, but also took the pressure off me trying to help her with things I do not know a lot about!!

Her exam results went from being in the bottom five of the class, to the top half within twelve months, and she has also gained so much confidence.

All of this is thanks to Viv – I cannot recommend her enough.

Mary English,  Lancaster

Cherry On top of
The Icing On The Cake!!

Tutoring is centred around students being equipped to achieve their goals and potential.
The honour and privilege, not to mention gleeful delight, I feel when I receive a message like this is priceless!

Hi Viv, I’d just like to say how you were amazing for helping out to increase my grade for
Maths and geometry tools. compass and protractor

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Viv The Maths Tutor

young person feeling happy and confident with success. beating a maths phobia

From the Parent of a Year 11 Student who I had the Pleasure of working with since Year 8...

We are delighted to say that my son, Lewis, got a Grade 7 in GCSE Maths!

I’m very aware that this very positive outcome is in large part down to Viv’s input.

Thinking back to his earlier days of secondary school

when he lost confidence and was moved to a lower maths set.

It would have been very difficult for him to pull himself back from that position without Viv’s support, guidance and expertise.

Once he started having tuition with Viv,  the improvement in his performance and confidence was noticeable and sustained.

He then managed to hold his own when moved back to the Higher Maths set despite periods of Covid related disruption to schooling.

We appreciated the flexibility that (Ziteboard) the on-line tutoring platform offered during that particular time.

We really can’t thank Viv enough for everything that she has done!”

Lewis's Mum, Lancaster

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Grace continued to make progress and moved up

another set.

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Every now and again. I agree to some 11+ or Year 6 SATS prep ...

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Violet's only had a handful of sessions. This is one of the messages which her Grandma sent.

young person feeling happy and confident with success. beating a maths phobia

Sam, A Relieved Mum in Lancaster,

sent this about her Year 11 Son ...

I have always dreaded talking to the maths teacher on Parent's Evenings -

the last one I thought they’d got the wrong child!

Not only had my son improved by 2, nearly 3 grades (from 4 to 6),

he was engaged, confident and actually trying the extension work!

A definite Proud Mum Moment!!

I put this down to Viv giving him the confidence and tools for the lessons he previously dreaded going to.

This student sat the Higher Paper, achieved a Grade 7
Maths GCSE and went on to successfully take his A Levels

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