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confident and smiling GCSE Maths students



Experienced Qualified Teacher- Tutor providing
Professional Online Secondary Maths Tuition

I will have a
upon your child's Secondary School Maths Journey

Math Formulas. subtraction and indices.


Do you worry that your child has lost self-confidence and it has been replaced by anxiety and stress, even tears?

I will:

Re-dress the balance.

Change their confidence from shrinking to blooming.

Give them the "HAVE A BASH!" mentality

to be determined to do their very best

I can't promise that they will love Maths but

they WILL understand it more, and this is the first step

Math Formulas, square roots and working out maths calculations


There is no better tutor than a teacher.

20 years experience as a primary teacher

&  10 years pursuing a love of Maths

in secondary, special and adult education,

has furnished me with a rather unique and

in-depth understanding of

How the Maths curriculum starts in KS1 and progresses right through to early A Level.

I also have a wealth of expertise in, and experience of,

How to most effectively teach a great diversity of students, each with  their own individual needs and ways of learning.


.. support school based learning

.. fill in the gaps in understanding

.. make connections between topics

.. explore different methods of working

.. explain in depth where "short-cut"   

   methods  come from, in order to

   develop real understanding


Has your child found the move to secondary school/new year group a daunting experience?

Do they need a boost to get back on track?

Do you believe that your child is in

the wrong set for Maths?

Are you worried that they will not achieve the

grade needed to get into college or Sixth Form?

Does your child love Maths and

want to be challenged?

Is your child a high flyer who needs to focus on Grade 8 or 9 content?

By working 1 to 1, 

I get to understand the uniqueness of your child, their individual requirements and the potential,

that others see in them,

which they may not see themselves.

As your child grows in confidence, and is happier about Maths, motivation will grow and that's when we get to see all those wonderful "light bulb" moments.

Success is experienced and potential is reached.


I use a secure, virtual, zoomable, whiteboard called Ziteboard.

Both student and tutor can write on the board in real-time.

PDFs and pictures can be loaded onto each new board too and, just as in Face to Face sessions, discussions take place and understanding developed.

In fact, you get all the benefits of Face to Face plus the advantages of online.

Unless deleted, boards are kept by the student and can be used for revision.


Heading 6

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