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maths tutor near me in the lancaster and morecambe bay area of lancashire


Born and bred in the Lancaster and Morecambe Bay area of Lancashire.

I grew up, moved away to train as a teacher, started my career in the East End of London and then returned back to my North Western roots.

After 30 years as I teacher, I became a Maths Tutor and am now fully online.

So whether you are in Australia or Zimbabwee,

as William Shakespeare said: The world, is indeed, our oyster and

I am a message away from being able to help you!

The Early Years

From a young age I was a quiet child who was often said to be a bit of dreamer. I loved to read and became passionate  about language and the use of words. Being a bespectacled, slightly  over-weight child, I relished the escape from the name-calling, into the other worlds that fiction books provided me with.

It was in these formative, primary years, that I seemed to display a talent for teaching. Maybe that was God's plan for me from the beginning, maybe the seed was planted then. With the nurturing of kind teachers the seedling grew!

form photograph morecambe high secondary school class of students  1980s

Although seen as a  " very amiable girl", I reflect back and think that the verbal bullying, which carried on from primary into secondary school, not only served to make me a kinder person but also more independent and more comfortable being in my own company.

I found it quite ironic that when friendships in my form blew up and went through "trauma" , I was the "Go To"  to person for receiving support and consolation ... after which, they would be off again until the next failing out.

The result of all this was that I stuck my head in my books.

​I wasn't the cleverest A grade student but my hard work and application meant I was a B grade person and I was happy and content with that.

​What became really apparent to me though was

how much the teacher affected my achievement.

I began to recognize the differing qualities of a Great vs Terrible teacher

and their impact upon me.​


happy and cnfident childre wearing super hero clothes


We all need people who

believe in our potential to be


The Teacher Years

On happily completing my

4 year B.Ed (Hons) Degree 2:1,

I was greatly inspired by a visiting school inspector from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, (at this time part of the now defunct ILEA - Inner London Education Authority).

Out of our entire year group,

I remember her signing two of us up to attend interviews ... we were the two Miss Millers and that summer saw us both off to begin our primary teaching careers in the

East End of London.

I have to admit it was a

Baptism of Fire

but the huge challenge was matched by a great love for the whole experience. I forged bonds with students and colleagues at Cayley Primary School, that have endured for over 30 years.

Cayley primary school. aston street. tower hamlets .london e14
Year 5 and 6 teacher at caton st pauls primary school
My longest role (12 years):
Year 5/6 teacher at Caton St Pauls Primary School.
My expertise and dedication were recognized and I was awarded the accolade of
Advanced Skills Teacher,
1 of only 11 to achieve the award in the whole of Lancashire, that year.
Whilst proving to be a skilled teacher,
my passions were for Maths and Science,
recognised by earning the role of
Year 6 Maths and Science
SATs Marker for Lancashire
Taking on the role as
Acting Deputy Head,
 cemented the feeling that, although I was an excellent organiser, I wanted to spend my school day
Teaching not Managing.
A different direction for
professional development was called for.
image of person in winning pose


Via a 10 year convoluted route through teaching Maths in secondary and special schools, as well as providing Basic Skills Training to job-seeking adults, I arrived at my
Ultimate Happy Destination::
viv davenport head shot

How does this make me Best Tutor for your child?

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